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Mathematics: Trigonometry

SIGN function.

SIN function. SINH function.

Using Trigonometry | NZ Maths

SQRT function. SUM function. SUMIF function. SUMSQ function. TAN function.

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TANH function. TRUNC function. Learn more about the differences.

SPM Form 4 - Modern Maths -Trigonometry 2

Excel functions by category. Excel functions alphabetical. Expand your Office skills.

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Try before you commit. Example problem: How high above sea level is the top of the Sydney Opera House? See how to do this in The Right Triangle and its Applications. The trig functions are very important in technical subjects like science, engineering, architecture, and even medicine.

What is Trigonometry

You will come across them all the time so it's worth learning them well! Surveying is one of the many applications. Road makers, bridge builders and those whose job it is to get buildings in the right place all use trigonometry in their daily work. For more applications and examples of trigonometry in Interactive Mathematics, check out the many Uses of Trigonometry.

Worked example 1: Flying a kite

See also: Math Tips - Trigonometry. Graphs of Trigonometric Functions , which are really helpful for understanding what is going on in trigonometry. Analytic Trigonometry , which includes double angle formulas, trig ratios of the sum of 2 angles, trigonometric equations and inverse trig equations.

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  • Polar Coordinates , which work in much the same way as the topics in this chapter. Derivatives of the Transcendental Functions , which shows how to differentiate sin, cos, tan, csc, sec and cot functions. Integration using Trigonometric Forms , where we see how our knowledge of trigonometry can make calculus easier. Our online learning programmes make learning trigonometry easier for students of all ages.

    Sine, Cosine and Tangent

    With consistent study, students can master all aspects of trigonometry and improve their mathematical skills. Trigonometry is the study of triangles — more specifically, the study of the angles and dimensions of triangles. Although this might sound simple, trigonometry is a vital part of modern engineering, design, architecture and other fields.

    Trigonometry skills play an important role in a wide variety of careers, including architecture and engineering. The study of trigonometry involves learning how trigonometric functions — such as the sine or cosine of an angle, for example — can be used to work out the angles and dimensions of a particular shape. Effective trigonometry courses should focus on teaching students about the most important trigonometric functions.


    They should also put these functions to use in practical exercises to help students develop their skills. With FutureSchool, students can learn the important trigonometric functions in a series of lessons updated to meet the most recent amendments to the National Curriculum. Trigonometry is a complex subject that can take some time for students to learn.

    As the functions involved in trigonometry are quite different from the problem-solving techniques used in other learning, many students need practice to make progress.

    Mathematics, Trigonometry Mathematics, Trigonometry
    Mathematics, Trigonometry Mathematics, Trigonometry
    Mathematics, Trigonometry Mathematics, Trigonometry
    Mathematics, Trigonometry Mathematics, Trigonometry
    Mathematics, Trigonometry Mathematics, Trigonometry
    Mathematics, Trigonometry Mathematics, Trigonometry

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