In Praise of Slowness

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In Praise of Slowness: Challenging the Cult of Speed
Review of in Praise of Slow, by Carl Honore

The modern world of haste, of constant travel, consumerism and technology leads to a social cynicism, which tends to consider the old as a burden into which it is not useful to invest economic resources. We can take the treadmill as an object more symbolic than any other of the social and existential conditions of our age. This is the great paradox in which we find ourselves.

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No hint of morals or nostalgia hides behind these arguments. The starting point of our critique is neuroscience itself and the way in which new neuroscientific discoveries allow us to read the complicated relationship between nature and culture.

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This carries along with it a surprising and illuminating twist: in an era of voracious, rhetorical scientism, science itself — necessarily a long slog through experimental method, the central value of which human progress through knowledge — risks being suffocated by the commodification of technology, typically expressed in the anxious need to constantly churn out new products for the market. What, then, can be truly subversive today? Going around on foot is perhaps one of the most revolutionary gestures of our time.

Anyone is able to escape the tyranny of speed, even in the city, by turning a simple experience into a magical and unforgettable adventure.

In Praise of Slowness: How a Worldwide Movement Is Challenging the Cult of Speed by Carl Honoré

Walking, says Kagge, is good for body and spirit. Those who walk live longer and have better memory. However, Kagge believes that the most revolutionary aspect of walking is its ability to help us recover inner silence. Walking and silence are intimately connected. While silence is abstract, walking is concrete. This creates a double movement, internal and external, between the external landscapes of the world and the internal landscapes of the spirit.

In Praise of Slowness.

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The Author. Mariano Iacobellis SJ. Our latest posts. Theater and the sacred, culture and faith. Since the Industrial Revolution shifted the world into high gear, the cult of speed has pushed us to a breaking point.

Carl Honore | In Praise of Slow

Consider these facts: Americans on average spend seventy-two minutes of every day behind the wheel of a car, a typical business executive now loses sixty-eight hours a year to being put on hold, and American adults currently devote on average a mere half hour per week to making love. Living on the edge of exhaustion, we are constantly reminded by our bodies and minds that the pace of life is spinning out of control.

In Praise of Slowness traces the history of our increasingly breathless relationship with time and tackles the consequences of living in this accelerated culture of our own creation. Why are we always in such a rush?

In Praise of Slowness

What is the cure for time sickness? Is it possible, or even desirable, to slow down? Realizing the price we pay for unrelenting speed, people all over the world are reclaiming their time and slowing down the pace -- and living happier, healthier, and more productive lives as a result.

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A Slow revolution is taking place. Here you will find no Luddite calls to overthrow technology and seek a preindustrial utopia. This is a modern revolution, championed by cell-phone using, e-mailing lovers of sanity. The Slow philosophy can be summed up in a single word -- balance. People are discovering energy and efficiency where they may have been least expected -- in slowing down.

In Praise of Slowness is the first comprehensive look at the worldwide Slow movements making their way into the mainstream -- in offices, factories, neighborhoods, kitchens, hospitals, concert halls, bedrooms, gyms, and schools.

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Defining a movement that is here to stay, this spirited manifesto will make you completely rethink your relationship with time. A former "speedaholic," an award-winning Canadian journalist advocates living a slower, more measured existence, in virtually every area, a philosophy he defines as "balance. The absurdity of this practice dramatized how he, like most of the world, was caught up in a speed culture that probably began with the Industrial Revolution, was spurred by urbanization and increased dramatically with 20th-century advances in technology.

The author explores, in convincing and skillful prose, a quiet revolution known as "the slow movement," which is attempting to integrate the advances of the information age into a lifestyle that is marked by an "inner slowness" that gives more depth to relationships with others and with oneself.

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In Praise of Slowness In Praise of Slowness
In Praise of Slowness In Praise of Slowness
In Praise of Slowness In Praise of Slowness
In Praise of Slowness In Praise of Slowness
In Praise of Slowness In Praise of Slowness
In Praise of Slowness In Praise of Slowness
In Praise of Slowness In Praise of Slowness

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