Double Indemnity (BFI Film Classics)

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Fred MacMurray is the patsy, an insurance guy who is convinced by Barbara Stanwyck to murder her husband and cash in on the double indemnity clause in the policy they conspire to have him secretly sign. Robinson as the insurance boss have incredible force. Yes, this style of acting went out less than ten years later, but the raw power of their acting is undeniable James M. Nominated for seven Academy Awards but won none. At 16 min, 12 seconds in, the only known footage of cowriter Raymond Chandler appears, looking up at Fred MacMurray walking past him.

Double Indemnity

Remade for TV in Here are six other movies Wilder worked on that are deserving of your attention. Wilder was born to a family of Austrian Jews in Tragically, his mother, stepfather and grandmother all died in the Holocaust. For Bi, who turns 30 this summer, that film opened his eyes to the possibilities of the medium — and how much more was left to explore. This time, that long take would not be about capturing a location — his hometown, which carried so much personal meaning — but how the audience experienced that space.

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It's tomorrow you guys. Since we've been doing silly number related lists most days during the countdown, here's one final numerology friendly list for you before the big night. Russell 16 nominations Veteran sound mixer Greg P. Stanwyck — who is the subject of a BFI season, Starring Barbara Stanwyck — was not just unusually streetsmart and independent for a Hollywood star of the golden age, but superbly versatile, too.

Many of her directors tried to put the magic into words.

For Billy Wilder , who directed her in ice-cold noir Double Indemnity ,. Decide for yourself. This murder mystery classic from director Otto Preminger replacing a fired Rouben Mamoulian has only grown in stature over the years, with its hypnotic mixture of doomed romantic obsession, dizzying intrigue, and fatalistic cynicism marking it as essential noir. Police detective Mark McPherson Dana Andrews is drawn into Manhattan high society as he investigates the death of stunning ad exec Laura Hunt Gene Tierney , apparently shotgunned in her own apartment.

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Visit the Australia site. Continue on UK site. Thi stext shows how The Big Sleep signalled a change in the nature of Hollywood cinema, as the director Howard Hawks shot extra scenes, fun scenes, to replace the ones in which the murders are explained, and in so doing left the plot unresolved. By Leutrat, Jean-Louis.

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An examination of the European art cinema piece l'Anne derniere a Marienbad , it was a collaboration between director Alain Resnais and enfant terrible Alian Robbe-Grillet. An abstract thriller and love story, this book attempts to show that the movie's deviations are a philosoph Bringing to a close his Marseille trilogy, Cesar was one of Marcel Pagnol's most significant projects. This text reviews the questions that Pagnol posed in the film, looking at how he reflected the contemporary and artistic culture of the city, around which the trilogy was based.

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Double Indemnity (BFI Film Classics) Double Indemnity (BFI Film Classics)
Double Indemnity (BFI Film Classics) Double Indemnity (BFI Film Classics)
Double Indemnity (BFI Film Classics) Double Indemnity (BFI Film Classics)
Double Indemnity (BFI Film Classics) Double Indemnity (BFI Film Classics)
Double Indemnity (BFI Film Classics) Double Indemnity (BFI Film Classics)
Double Indemnity (BFI Film Classics) Double Indemnity (BFI Film Classics)
Double Indemnity (BFI Film Classics) Double Indemnity (BFI Film Classics)

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