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When the study group's biology experiment appears to be the victim of sabotage, Troy, Abed, and Shirley investigate until they find their perp. However, things aren't necessarily as they appear and, just like the series it's parodying, an unexpected courtroom outburst throws everything into question.


There are a lot of homage episodes of Community , but this one's perfect mirroring of its target genre is hard to beat. Season 2, Episode 19 What could be better than a movie parody for Abed's birthday? Two movie parodies! When Jeff organizes a Pulp Fiction -themed surprise party, he's confused to find a more mature-seeming Abed demanding a "real conversation. On the surface, it's a bizarre comedy of errors mixed with some spot on cosplay from the group.

However, it also gives fans a deep look into Abed's detachment from reality and his dependence on TV characters and the fourth wall to survive. It manages to be funny while also showcasing the human cost of the condition that makes Abed such a fun character.

Community and Power (formerly The Quest for Community) | Nisbet, Robert A. | download

It successfully reprised Season 1's massive paintball assassins game in which the entire campus is given paintball guns and told there can only be one person left standing in a way that actually made a bit of sense -- well, relative to Greendale anyway. Everyone commits hard to a Wild West motif as the Greendale community takes the game a little too seriously. In the second episode, it's revealed that rival City College was behind the ice cream company sponsorship in a not-so-subtle attempt to wreck the campus.

Community Rhythms: The 5 Stages of Community Life

As the fate of every Greendale student hangs in the balance, the action goes beyond the core cast to elevate players like Leonard, Vicki, and Garrett. It showed that Greendale is a place that deserves to be destroyed, but is simultaneously worth fighting for. Season 6, Episode 4 When Dean Pelton is offered a position on the school board, it comes with the condition that he be the administration's token gay member. Community is a show that has never been preachy while also being willing to grapple with uncomfortable social issues. In this case, it forces the viewer to confront how much of their identity they would be willing to volunteer or withhold for personal benefit.

The dean isn't just a gay man. Although it was never directly addressed until this episode, his sexual orientation, views of relationships, and gender identity are complicated… and really his own damn business.

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While there's only one Dean Pelton, there's a huge number of people whose sexuality doesn't fall within one or two categories. This episode was a love letter to all of them. Season 1, Episode 6 One of the earlier episodes in the series, this installment gives fans a peek at who these characters were before they came to Greendale.

When the dean tries to use Jeff's well-established influence over the study group to convince Troy to play football, fans learn for the first time that Troy is not just a dumb jock who lost his chance to be a pro athlete from a keg-flip injury. He's a scared, formerly big fish in a little pond that sabotaged himself so as not to face the pressures of growing up. While the inevitability of adulthood would not spare the often-child-like Troy for long, it gave fans a deeper understanding of what makes him tick, on top of revealing the extent of Jeff's manipulative side.

Add in a closer look at Annie's crush on Troy and her first realization that neither of them are the people they were in high school, and you've got one of the first examples of the heart that makes Community so endearing to an audience of misfits. Not to mention it's the first introduction of the haunting "human being" mascot. Season 1, Episode 19 Jeff Winger's Greendale experience was nothing if not a series of humbling moments for an arrogant and previously untouchable figure on campus.

By this point in the series, fans had seen how his vanity and need for control affected him and those around him. However, with the introduction of Rich Greg Kromer , Jeff finds himself inadequate by comparison to someone at the school for the first time. While the subplot about a sailing class that takes place in the parking lot is funny, its Jeff's slow descent into a jealous rage that makes this episode one for the books.

When he's finally called out for "ghosting" and gets kicked out of his pottery class, he's forced to admit that he's got some deficiencies when it comes to his ego that perhaps a stay at Greendale can help fix. Jeff was, from the audience's perspective, the show's hero, but "Beginner Pottery" serves to rip off his cape for the first time and show the flaws that led him to the study group in the first place. Season 2, Episode 4 In one of the earliest examples of Greendale's rivalry with City College, Dean Pelton reacts to news that City College is getting a state-of-the-art space flight simulator by beating them to the punch with the purchase of a similar flight simulator, sponsored by Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The study group is tapped to put on a good PR show for the local newspapers as penance for the now-famous anus flag they submitted that became Greendale's official logo.


What follows is far and away the most bizarre episode concept the show's had to date, but it manages to find its footing by relying on the character's finger-licking-good friendship with each other and some unexpected school spirit that Jeff sums up best: "Greendale may be a toilet, but it's our toilet. Nobody craps in our toilet. Season 5, Episode 5 This episode deserves high marks for not only replacing paintball with a new high-concept campus apocalypse, but for achieving the impossible task of giving Troy a proper send off.

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  • It also sets up life for the show beyond the loss of one of its breakout stars whatever happened to Donald Glover anyway? When Abed announces that he's offering his No. For a character that was introduced more than a little stunted, getting on a boat to sail around the world with LeVar Burton yes, that LeVar Burton was just crazy enough to be a fitting arc for Troy. It was a case of art imitating life as both Troy and Donald Glover had to sail off into the sunset to grow into their best selves, something they could not do within the confines of Greendale. Will it be the last we see of Troy?

    Who knows? Season 5, Episode 8 What happens when technology finds a way to codify social hierarchies? At Greendale, a dystopian mess forms. When app developers beta test a social ranking app called "MeowMeowBeenz," Jeff and Shirley compete to see who can be the biggest phony and win over the campus.

    Not only does this episode do a great job of exploring how Shirley is far more than the kind, pious housewife she pretends to be, it shows how Jeff struggles to cope when someone else displays some manipulative power of their own, exploring the often-vapid human dynamics behind popularity.

    As criminology professor Hickey a post- Breaking Bad , pre- Better Call Saul Jonathan Banks notes, one can win public favor with something as simple as a birthday hat. Season 1, Episode 21 In yet another genre parody, Jeff concocts a mafia-style scheme to ensure the group gets their hands on the only good item in the school cafeteria: chicken fingers.

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    He soon finds that Abed is getting enticed by the popularity and social clout that having currency people want can give a person. Over time, his unique brain temporarily overtakes Jeff as the de facto leader of the study group. Not only does this episode sport one of the show's better genre parodies, it explores whether Jeff needs the study group more than they need him. In the end, both Abed and Jeff realize how quickly someone with power can become a villain, even to his or her closest friends. It's also the episode in which we learn that Pierce can do a bafflingly accurate impression of Donald Trump.

    Season 5, Episode 3 A parody of David Fincher's directing style particularly 's Zodiac , this episode is a Community crime thriller by way of the infamous Ass Crack Bandit, whose MO is slipping a coin down people's pants when they bend over. Jeff and Annie go full-tilt into the investigation, prompting even the dean to ask what's going on between the two of them -- a question they have trouble answering.

    The episode is perhaps the show's most successful genre parody as the average viewer might not even recognize its highly stylized homage without context. Interestingly, the question of the Ass Crack Bandit's identity is never fully solved even though it's heavily implied to be Annie in a later episode. Season 3, Episode 14 Presented in the style of a Ken Burns documentary, the campus takes sides in a war that could decide whether or not Greendale finds a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

    What started as a friendly spat between Troy and Abed over which is better, a blanket fort or a pillow fort, quickly becomes a full-on battle for supremacy. It's an exercise in absurdity, but also depicts a very relatable problem: how to resolve conflict with a best friend. The audience learns that friendship is more important than being right, but no one ever determines for sure whether or not a pillow fort is better than a blanket fort. Perhaps the most important aspect of this entry in the list is the fact that it not only highlighted how important Troy and Abed's relationship is to each other, but how important it had become to the makeup of Greendale in general.

    When they're at odds with each other, the entire campus becomes a literal war zone. When he's given a chance to direct a new commercial for Greendale, the dean goes down a dark road in seeking perfection that ends with him burning his clothes and spreading the ashes on his naked body. This episode hits a lot of high points such as Jeff's spot-on impression of the dean, a cameo from former Greendale student Luis Guzman, Annie's dalliance with Stockholm syndrome, and Troy yelling "Stop saying I'm different!

    It shows that, no matter how far down a dark path someone can get, Greendale will always offer a second chance for them to self-correct. Season 2, Episode 16 When Pierce pretends to be dying, he "bequeaths" individual gifts on the study group designed to mess with them in hauntingly specific ways. In addition to offering us our first look at Troy's odd affection for Star Trek and Reading Rainbow star LeVar Burton, it gave fans their first look into how affected Jeff is by his father's absence from his life. All of the raw emotion and group turmoil is captured through the lens of Abed's camera, allowing the show to play with the faux-documentary style of TV made popular by shows like The Office and Modern Family.

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    Community and Power (formerly The Quest for Community) Community and Power (formerly The Quest for Community)
    Community and Power (formerly The Quest for Community) Community and Power (formerly The Quest for Community)
    Community and Power (formerly The Quest for Community) Community and Power (formerly The Quest for Community)
    Community and Power (formerly The Quest for Community) Community and Power (formerly The Quest for Community)
    Community and Power (formerly The Quest for Community) Community and Power (formerly The Quest for Community)
    Community and Power (formerly The Quest for Community) Community and Power (formerly The Quest for Community)
    Community and Power (formerly The Quest for Community) Community and Power (formerly The Quest for Community)
    Community and Power (formerly The Quest for Community) Community and Power (formerly The Quest for Community)

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