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Anyone but him. Anyone but him Look past the leather and the dash and the rims And you'll see his whole hustle wears thin Anyone but him.

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Anyone but him He's gonna take what you can't take back Then he's gone out the door on a whim Anyone but him. If it isn't me, if it isn't me, if it isn't me?

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If it isn't me? Now if it isn't me, if it isn't me? Vegeta could hear the two screaming at each other as he stepped out of the house and into the backyard. He was heading back for the ship, a smirk spread across his face. He knew it would only be a matter of minutes before Yamcha went racing for his car. He didn't care to know what they were saying — but what he did know was that the Bluehead always had a way of winning all of their fights. Finally , he thought. There would be some peace a quiet around this hellhole, once again. At least, there would be enough silence for him to be able to train without distractions.

The Briefs residence was never exactly peaceful. And sure enough, by the time Vegeta made it to the other end of the yard he could hear the little fool racing for his car and yelling under his breath. Something about an asshole, Vegeta was sure that Yamcha was referring to the Saiyan Prince himself. He stepped into the ship, clicking on the gravity machine and dropping into a pose.

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Vegeta began to power up, feeling as adrenaline and testosterone coursed through his veins. He'd found a way to put an abrupt end to the Woman and Yamcha's arguing, and it was enough to make him feel smug. Silence was now fallen over the Briefs residence, and Vegeta could now clear his mind and focus only on perfecting his moves. It was the next morning, and it almost appeared as if she'd stayed up the entire night finishing the task. He grabbed at the bot, snatching it from the woman's clutches and holding it up into the air so he could examine it closely.

What did you do to it? This is the 'Thanks' you give me after I spent so much time doing you a favor? The Saiyan clicked on the battle bot and dropped it, allowing the robot to hover in the air beside him. He then crossed his arms over his chest, shooting a threatening scowl at the woman in front of him. I guess I figured I would be dead by now if you actually had any intention of acting on your words. How many times have you told me you could kill me, again? This was something that the Woman did often. She was never really shy of giving him mouth, was she?

Vegeta studied her features, his arms still crossed over his chest. It was ironic, to say the least.

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The first time he'd seen her had been on Namek. They'd locked eyes on that planet, and she'd been so timid that she'd been shaking violently with fear. The way she'd been cowering, and still there was an aura about her that Vegeta found enticing. He couldn't put his finger on what exactly it was, but there was something about her. She was certainly different, even back then he could tell. Even back on Namek, something about the Bluehead intrigued him enough that he spared her life. Perhaps this was it now.

That aura he'd felt back on Namek, perhaps it was her hot-head - unafraid to argue with him despite the undeniable strength he had over her. Even at this moment she was shooting him a fiery look with her hands clapped on her hips, and it was more than refreshing to be challenged by such a weakling. Now get away from me before I lose my patience and change my mind!

Anyone but Him

Bulma welled her little fingers into fists. She let out a soft screech at the back of her throat, but she turned and walked away regardless. She left Vegeta alone in the ship, the new training bot hovering by his side. Vegeta watched her as she went, a smirk crossing over his face once again. She was so laughably weak, and it was amusing for such an irrelevant ki to attempt to act so large. Nevermind that, he thought, turning to the bot.

It was time to test that new machinery out! That oaf was back upstairs in the Woman's room, once again giving her unnecessary grief. It seemed as if Yamcha was desperate for attention! Couldn't he give his bitching a rest for longer than a few mere hours? He must surely like the sound of his own voice, he could never shut it up! Vegeta let out an exasperated groan and turned. Within a few moments his new training bot was now laying in a steaming heap of rubble, just as the first one had. And a few minutes later he'd delivered it to Bulma, once again successfully breaking up the argument she was having with Yamcha.

This time when he'd walked in them, though, he'd encountered the Bluehead crying.

What in the hell could the Woman have to cry about with Yamcha? It was perplexing, and to his chagrin the thought invaded Vegeta's mind even as he returned back to his ship.

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The Woman had enough spine to stand up to the Saiyan prince himself — something that even Yamcha was terrified to do — yet such a useless man had been capable of reducing her to tears? It was pathetic! Did the Woman have no self respect at all? Vegeta forced the thoughts from his mind and continued with his workout, cranking the gravity machine up as much as he could manage. He did well, once again finding satisfaction now that Yamcha had removed himself from the Briefs residence.

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  5. What bothered the Saiyan was when the next day came and went, and Bulma still hadn't delivered the new robot. She was taking much longer this time around than normal, and it was unacceptable. It wouldn't do to have her working so inefficiently! So, with that thought, Vegeta stormed upstairs and into her room. He saw her when he walked in, sitting at her desk with her head resting in the palm of her hand. Her shoulders were slouched, and she seemed as if she were absolutely lost in her own thoughts. Bulma turned lazily to glance at him over her shoulder, but she didn't reply.

    Her lower lip trembled as she sadly watched him, and he could tell she must not be feeling well to be so blatantly vulnerable in his presence. But when their widowed mother Cora comes back from a Caribbean cruise with more than just a suntan, Andie and Jin are united in horror. What the women really need is a friend to set the world to rights with — but can they be friends with each other?

    Read an extract from Anyone But Him. The next few weeks at my writing desk have been sorted with the arrival of page proofs. My very first collection of short stories, first published as Destinations nearly 15 years ag ….

    Anyone but Him Anyone but Him
    Anyone but Him Anyone but Him
    Anyone but Him Anyone but Him
    Anyone but Him Anyone but Him
    Anyone but Him Anyone but Him

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